Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What does YouTube Channel WIGS stand for? The acronym that is?

This blog asked WIGS: ''Why is ''WiGS'' the initialism for WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING? it should be WIGI, no? anyone can explain this to me? I am a friend of Mitch Albom''
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    • ''HI Sir. Our initials actually don't stand for "Where It Gets Interesting." - ''WIGS'' is just our name, and "Where it Gets Interesting" is our tagline, but one is not an acronym for the other. I hope that helps!''
    NO IT DOES NOT HELP. what does WIGS stand for then?
  • no that does NOT help. I am a reporter, friend of Mitch's and wow ouch....if the name of your channel is WIGS, and WIGS has no meaning, then why call it WIGS?

    you mean women who wear WIGS? that is sexist. and if it is NOT the tagline WHERE IT GETS STRETCHED, haha, then it should be WIGI...you do not give me a straight answer on this MR or MRS PR person,

     it is not fair or logical to call a product or a tv network WIGS if WIGS has no meaning. it MUST have a meaning, and you are not being honest with me.

    COME ON, what the does WIGS stand for. IF not "where it gets intriguing" then what? don't mess with .and i smell a rat here. Seriously. I mean CNN means Cable News Network right? so what does WIGS mean? if you do not answer me, be preared for WAr, WIGS war!


    Anonymous said...

    What does WIGS stand for ? Avnet says WIGS, or “Where It Gets Interesting,” is a premium YouTube channel that produces high-end scripted series, short films, and docs, centered around quality roles for women. yet the WIGS PR team lies to me and WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING is just a tag line and that in fact the acronym WIGS does not stand for anything? Wigs maybe as in women being ashamed of their own hair? so they wear wigs?

    dan said...

    As for the WIGS title? No, it has nothing to do with hair. While the channel's tagline is "Where it gets interesting," for marketing purposes, the channel breaks "WIGS" to the acronym: "Where It Gets ..." Given any particular episode, the last word in the tagline will get changed. For the channel's first series, "Jan," the tagline is, "Where It Gets Spicy."

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/youtube-wigs-channel-2012-5?op=1#ixzz24FfTjV45

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    WIGS - Women In Ghastly Situations

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