Saturday, October 9, 2010

“Desiderata” & “DigiDesiderata”

“Desiderata” and “DigiDesiderata,” are two prose poems on the importance of how to behave around others, although in “Desiderata,” it is only referring to the world in general, whereas in “Digidesederata,” it is specially for computers, because Nancy Willard, the author of the article, specializes in fighting cyberbullying and how to use the internet and social networking sites such as Facebook safely.

The Desiderata prose poem by Max Erhmann in 1927 talks about the importance of life and to have a balance between people online and real people in the real world. There can be a lot of people scamming, cheating, and cruel things that can be done on the Internet, so it’s important to be aware about this and always be careful.

Nancy Willard's Digidesederata, written in 2010, has more to do with what is right and wrong to do on the Internet. In a sense, both texts can be tied, however one is more philosophical connecting internet with the beauty of life, and the other is only focused in on how to actually use the Internet.


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